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Service: Foresight QC Quad

Foresight GC Quad

We use the Foresight GC Quad launch monitor which incorporates the latest technology used for fitting, instruction, and club building throughout the entire golf industry. The GC Quad is used to take the guesswork out of the fitting by using exact measurements of ball speed, backspin, sidespin, bend, horizontal launch angle, and side angle. In addition, The Foresight GC Quad system uses stereoscopic cameras to deliver incredibly accurate measurements of the club head velocity, swing path, attack angle, clubface angle, dynamic loft, and lie at impact, smash factor and even impact position on the clubface. With the GC Quad, you finally have a solution that delivers the player's full range of performance from the club head
 to ball performance.

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Service: Sam Putt Lab

SAM PuttLab is an analysis and training system based on accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for better and more efficient training.

Within seconds the system gives you individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies. SAM PuttLab utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis and therefore is far more precise than any other similar system on the market.

Service: SST PURE

SST PURE® Golf Shaft Alignment and Analysis

Golf shaft irregularities often result in missed shots as a result of the shaft, not your swing. The patented and USGA-approved SST PURE® process of club assembly uses computer analysis to locate each shaft's irregularities and determine the most stable orientation of that shaft. It aligns the shaft to neutralize the irregularities so that each club bends in the direction it should - straight down the target line.

All golf shafts contain structural irregularities that can cause off-line bending and twisting during your golf swing.

SST PURE® Shaft Alignment uses computer analysis to determine the most stable orientation of any shaft, negating the effect of shaft irregularities and making every club perform like your favorite.

Service: Frequency Matching

Frequency Matching

Frequency matching measures and defines a shaft's flex through electronic calibration so the shaft flexes and deals the same with every swing. Every company's flex may vary. One company's stiff flex could be another company's regular flex and vice versa. Shaft frequency can be affected by club length, grip size, head weight, and hosel type. Here at Kepler's we take all these factors in when we match your swing and clubs to the proper frequency.

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